Quality Assurance

In order to maintain the superior quality of our products, they are manufactured and packaged under the supervision of our personnel who have a rich expertise in this domain. The finished goods are then cross examined by the quality assessment team to make sure that no manufacturing defects has been overlooked. They also make sure that our Ceramic Fibre Products, such as, Ceramic Blanket, Ceramic Fiber Blanket have excellent thermal stability and are highly resistant to thermal shock. Moreover, these products are packaged in high grade package material to ensure their safe transit.

Product Portfolio

We offer the following range of products:


Conventional Castables(High Purity & Medium Purity)

Insulating Castables

Low Cement Castables

Sic Based/Fused Alumina Based Castables

Non Wetting Lc Castables For Aluminum Industries

High strength special LC castables

Ceramic Fibre Blankets, Vacuum Formed Boards And Papers, Hs-45 Boards, Moist Felt, Bulk Fibre, Modules, Veneering Modules, Braided And Twisted Ropes

High temperature insulating bricks(CUMILAG)

Calcium Silicate Blocks And Shapes(Commonly Called Hysil)


Silicon Carbide Refractories

Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide Refractories

Mullite Refractories

Bubble Alumina Based Insulation Refractories

Mullite/Zirconia Refractories

SiC Refractories


Cold Face, Hot Face Insulation Bricks Basic/Acidic Ramming Masses

High Temperature Insulation Bricks (Porosint / Cumilag)

Acid Resistant Bricks/Components,

Element Holding Bricks

30% To 95% Alumina Refractory Bricks

Blast Furnace & Stove Bricks

Low Iron Oxide High Alumina Bricks

Normal, Medium & High Heat Duty Bricks

High Alumina bricks

Super Heat Duty Bricks

Insulating Bricks


Ceramic Fibre Blankets

Ceramic Blanket

In addition, we also offer:

  • Membranes
  • Acid Resistant Cements
  • Construction Chemicals
  • High Alumina Refractory Tubes
  • High Alumina Refractory Anchors
  • Bobbins
  • Cup-Locks
  • SS Studs/Anchoring Systems
  • Calcium Silicate Blocus & Pipe Coverings
  • Ramming Mass
  • High Alumina Mortars
  • Acid resistant products
  • Ceramic Fibre Products 

Our Infrastructure

Extensive research in this area has helped us to develop a state-of-the-art infrastructure for our company. Our production unit is fully equipped with all the required machinery that helps us to manufacture the products as per the requirements of our clients. The warehousing and packaging unit is segregated into various sub sections so that we can store our wide array of products systematically. Our infrastructure has been planned in such a way that it provides an excellent working atmosphere to our diligent workforce.

Our Clientele

We have developed and maintained a vast client base in the following sectors:

  • Iron & Steel industries including, Pelletization plants, Melting, Rolling, Blast furnaces, Sponge Iron plants, Forging & Heat Treatment industries
  • Cement Industries
  • Non-Ferrous metal industries
  • Fertilizer & Petrochemical industries
  • Ceramic & Chemical industries like Sanitary ware, Tiles & lime industry
  • Glass Industries
  • Beverage and Food Process Industries
  • Furnace manufacturers & Consultants

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